LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Starting in two weeks, RiverLink will begin placing holds on the vehicle registrations of people who are at least four months delinquent in paying their toll invoices. The registration holds apply to both Kentucky and Indiana drivers.

“It's not OK for some people who are using those bridges to pay their fair share and other people who are using the bridges and enjoying the benefits not to pay their fair share,” said RiverLink spokesperson Mindy Peterson

RiverLink said the registration freeze applies to some 19,000 people in Kentucky and 16,000 in Indiana. And it's not small change. They owe a total of $7 million. That is nearly 13 percent of the $54 million RiverLink has collected.

“It's revenue that we are counting on to pay for these beautiful new bridges," Peterson said. "It's revenue that is expected from the states, and so it can't go unchecked."

To release the registration hold, delinquent motorists must pay the full balance to RiverLink. With late fees, an $8 round trip toll can add up.

“One round trip, if you let it go four notices out, and you didn't pay it, would be a $68 invoice now," Peterson said. "So most of these people owe less than $100."

One customer at the Motor Vehicle office, Patrick Harris of Louisville, admitted he has sometimes been slow to pay his toll. But he had no problem with the tough new enforcement.

“There are going to be people to try to get around it," Harris said. "So if you can't drive, you're definitely going to pay it."

Peterson said the best way to avoid problems is to have a prepaid RiverLink account and a transponder.

You can set up an account through the RiverLink website here.

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