LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Crews are wrapping up work on the Lexington Road improvement project as workers added another layer of paint to the new lanes between Payne Street and Grinstead Drive on Wednesday afternoon.

The improvement plans included repaving the road and repositioning the stripes so there would be one lane in either direction along with designated left turn lanes and bike lanes. Before, Lexington Road had two lanes in either direction and very little room to share with cyclists.

Some business owners along Lexington Road believe the work has made an initial improvement on slowing drivers down.

“It seems to be going really smooth now,” Sondra Powell said. “I think the road noise has been cut down quite a bit by the repaving. The traffic has slowed down a little bit.”

Powell owns Red Hot Roasters at the intersection of Lexington Road and Payne Street, which was the site of many vehicle accidents in the Lexington corridor. Powell thinks the road work went really well and is impressed so far.

“We’re pleasantly surprised,” she said. “It’s only been paved for a couple of weeks, and there has not been any accidents. I don’t know if two weeks is long enough to tell, but it does seem like it’s slowed everything down. And I haven’t seen as many close calls.”

Mike Sewell regularly rides his bike to work downtown along Lexington Road, and he believes there will be a reduction in crashes over time from the lane changes. He said more cyclists are comfortable riding along Lexington now with the smoother pavement and extra room.

“Bike lanes in and of themselves have been a contentious item in the cycling community,” Sewell said. “And I would say this is a good example of putting in a fix that can reduce collisions across the board. And it makes for such a nice ride.”

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