SHEPHERDSVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Two-month-old Rosie was buried in a Shepherdsville cemetery off Cedar Grove Road almost one year ago. Her mother, Amanda Westfall, visits her every day.

“We do everything we can to honor her,” Westfall said.

With her other daughter by her side, they often start their visits by winding up a musical angel, but on Monday, their visit with Rosie started very different.

“I think I was in shock,” Westfall said. “All of her stuff was gone, missing.”

While all the decorations have since been replaced, the person responsible got away with a lot.

“We had lanterns out. They were gone. Little pumpkin solar lights. They were gone. Some glass pumpkins. They were gone. Rocks ... they were gone too,” she said.

Westfall said the theft is common. Often times, the decorations go missing around holidays.

“Us moms, that's all we have," she said through tears. "We have the graves, and the only way we get to show our love to them is by decorating their graves. And to steal off that, it's like taking them. You don't want anyone taking from your kids. Why would you take from ours?"

Fed up and still heartbroken since Rosie passed away almost a year ago from a heart defect, Westfall took to social media. She asked for a specific angel to be returned. The thief must have seen the post, because the next day, the angel was returned.

“They could have the rest. It's replaceable," she said. "But to me, that angel is not."

Westfall uses her frustration and grief to help others in honor of Rosie. With various fundraisers and benefits throughout the year, the family donates the proceeds to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Norton Children’s Hospital. More information on upcoming events can be found here.

If you know who stole Rosie's decorations or have seen anyone steal from a grave, you're asked to call the Shepherdsville Police Department.

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