Advertising agency Scoppechio moved its office around the corner from 437 W. Jefferson Street to 400 W. Market Street. And the new office is unique from any other in the city, mostly because employees take a giant slide from one floor to the next.

“I use it every day,” Scoppechio art director Matt Wolford said. 

“We like to have fun in our business," Scoppechio CEO, Jerry Preyss said. We like to laugh, so we have a slide. What we wanted to do was have a space you wanted to come to every day.”

The office has a fully stocked bar, a game room and a café, and getting all that stuff up to the 14th and 15th floor was not easy.

A massive crane closed down Market Street for hours one night to install a massive boat that hangs from the ceiling.

“My favorite part is the openness of it,” Scoppechio copy writer Lanny Fuller said. “It kind of breathes creativity and collaboration.”

But do they get stuff done? The answer was always yes.

“Collaboration is huge for us,” Fuller said. “In the creative space, often times there are a lot of right answers. So to be able to review those with people and get people's input, it just makes for better ideas at the end of the day.”

“We get things done,” Preyss said. 

Preyss, who took over more than three years ago for founder Debbie Scoppechio who died in June, said the office's design was strategic.

It caters to millennials, It lets them work together, get creative, blow off stress and look forward to coming to work.

“Today's generation of ad talent ... they have a different rhythm than, say, my generation," Preyss said. "And so they work differently." 

You might recognize some of Scoppechio's work. It's the state's largest ad agency with 170 employees in this office. Clients include KFC, GE, Brown Forman's El Jimodor and LG&E.

And with a new office and its new slide, the company expects to keep growing.

“Beware, it's fast.” Fuller said. 

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