BULLITT COUNTY, Ky. (WDRB) -- Donnie Tinnell took over as Bullitt County sheriff in February when Dave Greenwell resigned, and he has since made some major cuts.

Under Tinnell, the sheriff;s office says it cut monitoring fees on surveillance equipment in a tow lot by taking cameras down, saving $24,000 per year.

"From the county's perspective, he's done a great job," said Keith Griffee, the Bullitt County Chief Financial Officer. "I know he's made some personnel changes that has saved some money."

Through an open records request, WDRB News obtained the information from the county on Tinnell's progress this year. The document also shows that he took away GPS monitoring in vehicles, saving $5,400 per year.

"Sheriff Tinnell is trying his best to keep everything in line and keep things as smoothly as he can and most cost effective he can," Griffee said.

The document says Tinnell also eliminated most take-home cars by special deputies, saving on fuel and maintenance costs, but it doesn't how many special deputies have that perk. 

Tinnell also eliminated the family health care plan that was given to some deputies "inappropriately" but didn't provide any details, saying it's saving about $28,000 a year.

"We've had a rough patch going around, and Donnie was able to, it seems like, keep everything calm," Griffee said.

Tinnell's term expires at the end of next year and he has said he has no plans to run for sheriff.

"It sounds like he's trying to save money and best use of taxpayer resources," said Sharon Kearney, who lives in Bullitt County.

So far, five people have filed their letters of intent to run for sheriff in the May 2018 primary.

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