LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A violent night in west Louisville left several people shot, two of them killed, in under an hour. 

The violence began around midnight Monday when LMPD responded to Rowan Avenue in the Portland neighborhood

"When officers arrived, they located a black male inside a home that had been shot,” LMPD Spokesperson Dwight Mitchell said. 

Police said the man, identified Monday night as 46-year-old Michael Trotter, died on the scene. No information about the suspect has been released. 

Just about an hour later, around 1 a.m., shots rang out in an alley behind Northwestern Parkway near West Market Street in the Shawnee neighborhood. 

"The shots that I heard last night, it was so eerie, that like I knew someone had been shot,” said Sherita Kilgore, who lived nearby in the Shawnee neighborhood. "The person that was shot, it's like their soul was crying out. And I jumped to my feet, and I just knew someone had been murdered.”

Kilgore said after she heard the shots, she checked her home to make sure her family was safe. She said she did not see anything outside her window until after police arrived on scene. 

Police found a man, identified Monday night as 30-year-old Eric Thompson, in an alleyway who had been shot. He died on the scene. 

"It was someone's child, someone's son, someone's brother,” Kilgore said. 

Thompson's family lives in the area, and neighbors there said they are emotional.

"I'm shook up right now," one person said. "I'm shaking. I still want to cry."

The neighbor would only speak to WDRB News under the promise of anonymity, fearing retaliation for speaking about what she heard overnight. 

"Just for getting on the news and speaking about something that woke me up out of my sleep,” she said. “I fear for my life. That's the truth." 

Others in the area fear someone they love could become the next victim of Louisville's gun violence. Kilgore said the violence is getting closer and closer to home. 

"It has to stop,” Kilgore said. "You're just afraid that eventually it’s going to hit your household. It does have to stop." 

A person was also shot in the leg in the Parkland neighborhood around 1 a.m. They were transported to University Hospital and police have not released any additional details about their condition. 

Police have not shared any information about suspects. If you know anything that could help LMPD solve these crimes, call the anonymous tip line at 574-LMPD. 

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