LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A JCPS school was placed on "heightened security" Thursday morning after reports that shots were fired nearby.

JCPS spokeswoman Allison Martin said Shelby Traditional Academy was on heightened security "because of police activity in the neighborhood," a move she said is a standard procedure.

"I was standing there thinking those windows better be bullet proof," third grader Annabelle Baldwin said.

That's because just across the street from the back of the elementary school is where witnesses said there was a shoot-out. The two people caught in the middle of it said police began shooting at a man with a sawed off rifle.

"I just seen a big gun, and I didn't know what was going on," said Cameron Crawford, who saw it all unfold.

"Police just came out of nowhere saying shots were fired, and then they ran toward us, and a bullet went past my face," said Ashaunti Terrell, another witness.  

A MetroSafe supervisor said officers were dispatched to 700 Ziegler Avenue at around 11 a.m. Thursday after somebody reported another person with a gun just south of the school. 

LMPD said two men are now in custody, but officers have offered few details, saying just that they responded to reports of a shooting and confronted two suspects who ran.

The two witness said they felt like police put their lives in danger.

"They started firing in the middle of the street, like 'pow pow pow,'" Terrell said. "I almost died. I heard the bullet go, 'phew,' past my ear."

Meanwhile, the students at the nearby school were told to stay away from windows.

"We were supposed to go to the corner  which had the tables," Annabelle Baldwin said. "A lot of the kids were like under the table, and some of them were crying."

The heightened security was lifted at Shelby Traditional Academy around 1 p.m. Parents and grandparents picking up their students at the end of the day said the incident had their children scared. 

"They were all kind of still shocked and frightened to even come out of the school," Rebecca Baldwin said. 

No one was injured. Officials have yet to confirm if officers shot near the school. 

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