LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A United States Marine veteran is running a marathon -- every single day.

His name is Rob Jones. And you might say every step of his journey is pretty impressive.

"I'm doing 31 marathons in 31 days," Jones said.

You could even Jones is on a mission, but that would only be part of the story.

"Each day is a full marathon. It's 26.2 miles," Jones. said "I've done 26.2 miles in seven cities, and here in about an hour, I'll have done 26.2 in eight cities."

Jones has a lot of support, but he also had a lot of people who jokingly question his sanity.

"Just about everybody tells me I'm crazy," he said.

And it is not even the mission or the goal that makes his journey seem crazy.

"I set out to be an example of a guy that went to Afghanistan, had a traumatic experience, came back and found a new way, aside from being in the military, to continue to benefit America," Jones said.

In 2010, Jones lost both legs after stepping on an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan. These days, he's serving his country by running and raising money for other veterans.

"I hope that my story gets in front of the eyes of some people that may be struggling, and they see that, and they can use me as an example," he said.

Jones and his wife rented an RV, and so far, they've checked off seven cities. Along the way, he has picked up a lot of support.

"I've had big groups of people come out (and) run one chunk with me or sometimes run the whole thing with me or just run a mile," he said.

Pamela Jones, Rob's wife, has been there for every mile and every step of the journey.

"I'll take on any task that needs to be done to get this mission completed," she said. "Rob wants to make it hard because that's his message."

Pamela said it hasn't been easy and that's by design. "His message is, in life hard things happen."

Having support from strangers and his wife have helped fuel the mission.

"It helps to have somebody by your side that cares as much about your mission as you do," Rob Jones said.

After leaving Louisville, Rob Jones headed to Indianapolis and then Chicago. His journey will end in Washington, D.C. on Nov. 11, which also happens to be Veterans Day.

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