LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Every day Max Bowen gets off the school bus at his New Salisbury, Indiana, home is a day his parents feel lucky. 

"He's a little rock star," said Joshua Bowen, Max's father.

The list of ailments dealt to the brave 9-year-old boy can seem like a road with no end.

"He's like having a 10-year-old infant," Bowen said.

His birth was normal, but as time went on, life got a lot harder.

"We just noticed that regular progressions, things like sitting up, rolling over-- none of that was happening," Bowen said.

After several hospitals, countless doctors and endless days of worrying, answers started to come. 

"He's been given a diagnosis of Cerebral palsy," Bowen said. "He's legally blind. He has a seizure disorder."

When life gets heavy, as it often does, a release is always welcomed. Halloween usually helps with that. 

Max has been a fire truck and a school bus in the past, but this year, his dad wanted to step it up a notch. He got in touch with "Magical Wheelchair," a national organization responsible for cool Halloween costumes made for kids like Max.

"I contacted them, sent them a little video. It was maybe a year or a year and a half ago," Bowen said. "I was so excited to hear that Max had been chosen."

A father and his son, Louis and Nate Peters, just over the Ohio River in Crestwood are part of it, trying to make this Halloween extra special for Max.

After a meeting with him, inspiration wasn't hard to find.

"Max just loves camping," Bowen said. "It gets him it out. He has his family right there."

"We took a lot of detailed measurements of the wheelchair itself to make sure we could build to the right proportions," Louis Peters said. "We've been working in the garage ever since."

PVC pipe, a lot of duct tape and even fancy lighting will transform Max's chair into a shiny, camping machine. 

After over 100 hours of work in an Oldham County garage, there was only one thing left to do: roll out the finished product and show it to Max.

"I think it's going to be like really exciting," Nate Peters said.

"It will be like Christmas morning for him," Bowen added. 

The big reveal happened in the midst of Boo at the Louisville Zoo, and Bowen expressed the emotions and gratitude his son can't.

 "[It was] just a beautiful day for our family, and we're so grateful for Nate and Louis, and all the work they've done for Max," he said.

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