LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- State and federal officials have announced that they will provide more than 1,700 portable breathalyzer tests for 150 local law enforcement agencies across Indiana. The devices are used to measure the blood-alcohol level of drivers.

The $750,000 grant money came from impaired-driving funds from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute is administering the grant.

Spokesperson Will Wingfield said several police departments in southern Indiana will receive detectors, including New Albany, Sellersburg, Jeffersonville, Clark County and Madison.

“They allow probable cause that allows the officer to take the suspect into the station to get a certified test,” Wingfield said.

The Alco-Sensor FST detectors can be used to test even without blowing into the device.

"This also has a passive sniffer as it's called that allows it to pick up ambient alcohol from the air so they could have that on. They could set it over an open container to tell if there's alcohol in the beverage," Wingfield said.

An additional $310,000 is budgeted to purchase 725 devices for Indiana State Police posts.

"This will be more reliable equipment, more useful equipment, it will also allow some of the older devices to be cycled out to officers that wouldn't normally have a portable breath test on them," Wingfield said.

It's unclear when the new devices will be delivered to police in southern Indiana.

Below is a list of all agencies receiving the tests:

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