LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The new director the Bullitt County Animal Shelter said she has big plans for the facility. 

Last week, Bullitt Fiscal Court voted to make Angie Greenup the new director. She had been the assistant since February and started taking the lead role when Mark Williams went on medical leave in April.

"Shelter is very hard to work," Greenup said. "It's not an easy job. If you are an animal lover, it's very emotional."

Williams was suspended, fired, then re-instated. People had complained about Williams, saying he had a hostile attitude and was rude, but he disagrees. And the director before him, Jimmy Miller, was fired in 2015 after a WDRB News investigation uncovered a video of Miller making a racial slur about the jailer.

But Greenup is hoping to change the views of the shelter. She said under her leadership, euthanasia for cats and dogs is now five percent, saying it was 50 percent for dogs and 75 percent for cats before. And she wants to hire another animal control officer.

"I would like to get a more efficient shelter," Greenup said. "We only have 23 kennels."

Greenup said there is not enough room to properly quarantine and house aggressive dogs and cats. She said with a growing Bullitt County population of 80,000, there should be a larger shelter. Many of the cats are fostered because there is not enough room at the shelter.

Greenup working with rescue groups and volunteers and wants people to know that she treats these animals like family. She wants pets to stay with their owners and is helping them get resources to make that happen. She said the shelter should be the last resort.

"I cannot say why the other directors have not been in this position for a long time, but I'm hoping I can make a change to get the community involved," she said.

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