Parents of West Clark Community Schools student said they had less than a day to opt out of a second round of district-wide political email without knowing there was a deadline in the first place.

One of those parents, Rebekah Willinger, didn't want to receive one more political email.

"We're teaching our children that two wrongs make a right when two wrongs are still wrong," she said.

The first email came last month from a political action committee that was given access to the district directory. The email encouraged parents to vote for the $95 million referendum to renovate schools.

Last week, the board voted to allow the opposing side a fair shot at the same information. During the meeting, Willinger asked the board how to opt out.

"Contact the administration office to opt out," replied Board President Joe Basham.

"And they will take us out?" asked Willinger.

"Yeah, that will take it off," Basham replied.

"The next day I called, whenever I got off work, around 3:05, and asked to be taken off, and they said it was too late," Willinger said.

Other parents told WDRB News they tried to call and were given the same response.

Superintendent Chad Schenck said the student directory files were sent at 10:45 a.m. the next day, a time he said was pre-arranged by the district's attorneys.

"What we've told parents that have said that they've wanted to opt out after 10:45, and communicated that to the office staff here, is that it's out of our hands," Schenck said.

Schenck said eight to 10 parents called to opt out on Friday. Four of them made the cut-off. He said he sent an email to the anti-referendum group's attorney.

"Just to say, 'Here are the additional names that have since said they would like to opt out,'" Schenck said. "But as far as the district being able to go back and remove those students from that file, that's not possible because it's no longer in our possession."

A second, one-time-only email has not been sent out yet. The referendum will be voted on during the Nov. 7 election.

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