LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – On Monday, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer testified under oath about his knowledge of the demotion of popular Louisville Metro Police Department officer Jimmy Harper.

Officially, Harper was demoted from major to lieutenant in May as part of a massive reorganization of leadership with LMPD. Less than a month later, Harper filed a whistleblower lawsuit against LMPD and Metro Government, claiming he was demoted because he expressed concerns about the leadership ability of Chief Steve Conrad.

"Somebody is going to be held accountable for what's been done to him, and that somebody is Chief Conrad," said attorney Thomas Clay, who is representing Harper.

Fischer was deposed by Clay on Monday.

Clay: "Were you consulted about that personnel action prior to it was taken?"

Fischer: "No."

The lawsuit claims that at least part of the reason Harper was given the option of retirement or demotion was because of a conversation he had with Fischer in the Fall of 2016. During the conversation, Harper expressed concerns about Conrad’s plan of dismantling LMPD’s so-called FLEX units. Those units were made up of plain-clothes officers that could be used at the discretion of division commanders.

Clay: "Did you understand Maj. Harper's statements to you to be criticisms of the department?"

Fischer: "Uh, I just took his comments as his opinion as to what he thought was going on in the department."

Two days later, Conrad told Harper not to speak to Fischer about “LMPD policy or strategy,” according to the lawsuit. The suit also says Harper provided information about an Oct. 17, 2016, email concerning Victory Park gang members.

During the deposition, the issue was also raised about Harper providing information to James about LMPD’s Explorer Program and allegations of sexual abuse of minors by officers.

Harper was demoted and moved to the river patrol.

The lawsuit is seeking a  jury trial and monetary damages. 

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