Eleven herbs and spices are the recipe for a fried chicken empire, and now it's also the recipe for a KFC social media stunt going viral.

“I knew the second it happened, this was going to go viral,” said Herb Scribner, one of eleven people KFC follows on Twitter.

Although Scribner is a writer in Salt Lake City, he has always been a fan of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

“We used to get KFC every weekend,” he said. “I feel like everything in my life has lead me to this moment.”

“Herb Scribner actually discovered this before it was a thing,” said KFC Digital Marketing Manager, Bentley McBentleson.

“It was a couple of months ago, or about a month ago, where I noticed KFC followed me,” Scribner said.  “Then I saw they only followed 11 people. I'm like, 'That's weird.'”

It took a year and a half total for KFC to execute the Twitter stunt flooding the internet.

“Originally, we were just going to follow a bunch of herbs and spices,” McBentleson said. “So people named Rosemary, Thyme and Sage. And eventually, the idea evolved into the six herbs and Spice Girls.”

KFC's team slashed its Twitter followers from 35,000 to eleven. Eleven herbs and spices, symbolizing the original KFC recipe.

“It turns out there is no bulk unfollow button,” McBentleson said. “A lot of clickin!'"

It took three months to unfollow all of those people.

“We carefully pulled through a list of some of the larger Herb accounts that are out there, and then we picked the ones we thought were amusing,” McBentleson said.

When they got it down to the chosen eleven accounts, the KFC Digital Marketing team and Creative team sat back and waited a few weeks. All of the sudden, TMZ, ENews, BuzzFeed and media outlets everywhere picked it up.

“We reached out to Herb Scribner,” Bard said to McBentleson. “We said ‘Herb, is there anything you want us to ask KFC?’ So, of course, he had some really pressing questions. [He asked] is he going to get free chicken?”

“Everyone is going to be rewarded for being a part of the joke in some manner, and we are working that out right now,” McBentleson said.

“The other huge, pressing question Herb had is he wants to know if you are planning to get all the Herbs and the Spice Girls together at some point so they can all meet?” Bard asked.

“Oh, a big Herbs and Spices Tour?” McBentleson said. “Do you think all the Herbs would form a band?”

“I think baby spice, that's the blonde one … I think she was my favorite,” Scribner said.

While we still don't know if the Herbs will get to "Spice Up Your Life," the KFC team behind the screen said the joke is not over.

“I like that idea,” McBentleson said. “We don't have anything planned, yet. Dot, dot, dot.”

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