LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A new gunshot detection system launched June 1 is helping LMPD officers respond to shootings more quickly.

ShotSpotter covers about six square miles of the city. Since it launched, LMPD has responded to more than 848 ShotSpotter notifications.

Last Thursday, police arrested a homicide suspect at 28th Street and Elliott Avenue. Lt. James Cirillo with LMPD Technical Services said  he cannot say the system was the reason an arrest could be made, but it helped officers respond more quickly.

“What I can say is I looked that run up, and it looks like the ShotSpotter activation came out about a minute and 20 seconds before the first call came in that somebody was shot at that location,” Cirillo said.

The faster officers respond, the faster they can secure the scene, collect evidence and call for EMS if someone was hit.

“Those seconds could mean the difference between that person surviving the incident or not surviving the incident,” Cirillo said.

ShotSpotter uses microphone sensors scattered in parts of the city to find where shots are being fired.

"The investigator knows exactly when the shots were fired," Cirillo said.

Officers can see the information on their smart phones or computer screens in their patrol car. Regardless of the technology, LMPD said the gunshot detection system is not the most important tool to investigate shootings.

"We still need people to call in, because the Shot Spotter just puts us in the area," Cirillo said.

LMPD said it needs a year of data to really understand how the system is working.

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