Embattled Metro Councilman Dan Johnson is closer to learning his fate.

Metro Council is getting ready for the trial to remove him. It will run like a regular court trial. Attorneys will call witnesses, and other council members will act as the jury.

"It's unfortunate that we got to this stage, but we aren't the ones who started this," said Thomas McAdam, Johnson's attorney.

Wednesday's hearing was one of the final steps before the trial that decides whether the councilman will be removed from office.

"We want to let it all hang out," McAdam said. "We want the truth to come out. We have nothing to hide."

Johnson's future is in question after allegations surfaced that he groped Councilwoman Jessica Green's backside at a public event earlier this year.

"He has a right to confront his accuser, and anyone that has evidence of prior inconsistent statements needs to come forward and testify," McAdam said. "That's justice. That's all we're asking for."

Of the 26 council members, five sit on the charging committee against Johnson. The remaining 20 members make up the Council Court, which will act as a jury. President David Yates ruled it will take 14 votes in order to remove Johnson from office.

"The court has made the decision on the law, and that is how we're proceeding," said attorney Deborah Kent, who represents the Metro Council charging committee.

But Johnson's attorney said he thinks council members will rule fairly.

"I'm not afraid of their judgment at all," McAdam said. "I don't think Mr. Johnson is either."

The trial is set to begin on Nov. 2.

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