LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The family of Doris Murphy is suing Jeffersontown Cemetery for apparently burying someone in the grave her family purchased decades ago. 

Attorney Teddy Gordon said Murphy's parents bought three graves in 1973 for $50 each. That included one for their daughter. But when Murphy passed away at age 82 over the summer, her family discovered on the day she was to be buried that a stranger was already interred in the plot. 

"(The cemetery director) offered to put her in a spot on property, and they would move her lady when they had a chance to," said Murphy's son, Mike Desurne. "We declined, because our concern was once they had her in the ground, they were going to leave her where she was at."

The cemetery offered to bury Murphy at another site near Billtown Road, but the family wants her buried with her parents at the site that was already paid for. So now they're suing the cemetery. 

"So you've got to get an attorney to have someone buried for their final eternal resting place next to mom and dad? I've never heard of such a thing. It;s so totally wrong." Gordon said. 

Murphy’s family believes the relatives of the person already in the plot had no idea the grave was purchased. They know it is a difficult situation for that family as well. 

"I can barely walk over there at that grave now and know that my mother and father, good, hard-working people that believed in the faith of humanit,y that this could happen to them," said Murphy's son, Charles.

For now, she is buried at a cemetery in Bullitt County until the family can get this situation resolved

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