JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- A rivalry between police officers and firefighters in southern Indiana is going to new heights. 

It all started with a flying doughnut compliments of the new Jeffersonville Fire Department drone.  The drone is used to assess fires from above, but Sergeant Justin Ames said he had to "test it out." 

So earlier this week, Ames attached a glazed doughnut to the drone and delivered a doughnut to the Jeffersonville Police Department.  Of course, a video was posted on the fire department's Facebook page. 

The officers apparently got a laugh out of the delivery. But they weren't done with their friends at the fire department.  The officers set up an electronic road sign outside the Jeffersonville Fire headquarters that said "Shhhh....Firemen sleeping."

Of course, the police did thank their "little brother next door" for feeding them. They expressed their appreciation and told the firemen they want to make sure they are "properly rested."  They signed the post "Love, Big Brother."

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