NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WDRB) -- Video of a tender moment between a nurse and a dying woman is moving people to tears on the internet. 

The daughter of Margaret Smith captured the emotional video at Vanderbilt University Medical Center last week.  The 63-year-old was in the final days of her battle with liver cancer. 

Smith was being transferred to a nursing home, as her health deteriorated.  But nurse Olivia Neufelder wanted to give her a special send off. 

Neufelder held Smith's hand and sang "Dancing in the Sky," by Dani and Lizzy.  Both nurse and patient were were overcome by emotion. 

Smith's daughter Megan Smith posted the video on Facebook on Sunday--just three days before her mom passed away.  She thanked nurse Olivia for the caring and kindness she gave her mother. 

She wrote, "Words cannot describe the appreciation and love we feel for nurse Olivia, who mom calls her angel! Your dedication to your patients is beyond any that I have seen, you truly are a beam of light and I cannot thank you enough for the compassion and care and love you shared for my mother. God bless you Olivia!"

Margaret Smith died on Wednesday. She was 63. 

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