JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- It's no secret fire and police departments across the country have some pretty seriously rivalries going, and that's no different in Jeffersonville. 

On Tuesday, Sgt. Justin Ames from the fire department rigged up his drone and took it next door for a special delivery.

"We put a doughnut about three feet below it, and we went over to the police station and went around their office windows," Ames said with a smile.

The moment was caught on cell phone video and got a lot of laughs. But Capt. Kevin Morlan was more than willing to fire back. 

Morlan and the rest of the police department set up a road sign outside of fire headquarters that read, "Shhh ... Firemen sleeping." 

That was during the day. 

"Then, last night, we had the sign changed over to 'honk if you love firemen,'" Morlan said.

It didn't end there. The fire department tweeted out a picture Friday morning. It says "forgot something" and points to doughnuts someone added to the sign. 

The showdown got a lot of attention online, but what happens when the boss (the Mayor) finds out?

"I laughed my head off," Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore said. "I told the guys, 'Somebody send me a video. I want to see this.'"

Moore was even willing to name a winner. A department that took the cake, or maybe doughnut?

"My police chief said we got them," Moore said. "I had to text him back and say, 'I'm afraid you didn't.'"

Jeffersonville Fire won the prank war, at least for now.

Both departments are hoping the prank war will bring some attention to a chili cook-off they're having this weekend. They're trying to raise money to save the Nachand Fieldhouse.

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