SCOTTSBURG, Ind. (WDRB) -- The Scott County Health Department is moving to a new location off North Gardner Street in Scottsburg.

Patti Hall, the Preparedness Coordinator for the department, said it’s a relief and exciting to finally have more space. She said the department knew before the Austin HIV crisis hit that they didn’t have enough space.

“The commissioner bought it,” Hall said. “And then it took about a year or so to get the funding established so that we could actually start renovating it to turn it from a car dealership to a workable, usable office space for a health department.”

The new location is operational and open to the public, but there are still a few finishing touches and more furniture needs to be delivered. Even so, Hall said the department already feels at home and is excited to have more room to serve the community.

“We can reach not only the population that we’re dealing with for the opioid epidemic and the HIV, but there’s 95 percent of the county that needs other services, too,” she said.

The Austin satellite location will not be altered. It will continue to operate as usual. The old headquarters at 1471 North Gardner Street is closed. There is a note on the door directing people up the road to the new location at 1296 North Gardner Street.

Everything the department did at the old headquarters, they will do at the new one.

“Immunizations, our nursing staff is here,” Hall said. “We’ll have birth and death records, our registrar, we’ve got environmental needs, then our Preparedness outreach. Our administrator is based here.”

The difference now is thousands of extra square footage for more elbow space, storage, privacy and future expansion opportunities.

“Hopefully, we’ll be able to expand a little bit and provide a little bit more education services,” Hall said.

There will be an official ribbon cutting ceremony on Dec. 4. The community will be invited to celebrate with the department from 3:30-6 p.m. Hall also expects there will be some local and state leaders in attendance.

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