LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- After abuse allegations in the JCPS Head Start program forced several teachers out of a job, the district devised a plan to prevent future problems.

JCPS leaders will meet with Head Start officials this week to discuss new policy changes and work on training.

A total of 23 incidents in the JCPS Head Start and Early Head Start programs were detailed in a report by the Administration for Children and Families in August, including slapping students, spanking, forcing kids to eat food, yanking children by the arms and putting a student in a closet.

It also included several instances where children were left unattended and teachers who failed to report incidents for up to two weeks. The problems spanned several schools across the district. At least seven teachers were fired as a result, and others received disciplinary action and training.

"We are taking a very strong stance against any of those actions adults have taken against students," acting JCPS Superintendent Dr. Marty Pollio said earlier this month.

District leaders turned in a corrective action plan last week. The 35-page document outlines changes to "eliminate incidents of child abuse and neglect."

JCPS is revising Head Start policies and procedures to "explicitly prohibit corporal punishment." That includes discipline using isolation, taping a child's mouth, emotional abuse, humiliation, physical or verbal abuse.

It also updates policies regarding unsupervised children and clarifies how to report incidents.

According to the plan, violations promise "serious consequences." The district also promises to enhance employee's training and better monitoring of policies at all leadership levels.

District leaders will meet with Head Start officials on Wednesday and Thursday.

You can read the entire plan below:

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