LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- An alleged police impersonator is facing serious charges after police say he tried to pull someone over, only to learn that the person was a real police officer.

According to an arrest warrant, it happened on Saturday.

Police say a Louisville Metro Police Department officer and his wife were traveling in their personal vehicle on Hurstbourne Lane, when a car began driving toward them, flashing lights. That car was driven by 24-year-old Brandon Hurley, according to the warrant.

When the officer passed Hurley up, Hurley allegedly responded by doing a u-turn, getting behind the officer, flashing his lights and honking his horn.

At that point, the officer assumed Hurley needed help and pulled over.

Police say Hurley then got out of his car and walked up to the officer's car as if he was pulling the officer over. He allegedly asked the officer, "Did you know you hit a curb back there?"

When the officer told Hurley he did not hit a curb, Hurley responded by asking the officer if he knew how fast he had been driving, according to the arrest report. The officer replied that he wanted to know what police department Hurley worked for. Hurley said he worked for "Jefferson County." When the officer asked to see his badge, Hurley allegedly told him that he didn't have one because he was "off-duty."

At that point the officer identified himself as an officer with the Louisville Metro Police Department. 

Police say Hurley "seemed confused" because the officer was in his personal vehicle. He then told the officer he was not going to write him a ticket.

The officer replied by saying he wanted to know Hurley's badge number. 

At that point, police say Hurley got back into his car and drove off "at a high rate of speed," driving in the wrong lane of traffic near the intersection of S. Hurstbourne Parkway and New La Grange Road, but not before the officer was able to take down his license plate number.

Police say the officer was able to recognize Hurley from high school.

A warrant was issued for Hurley's arrest on Tuesday, Oct. 31, and he was taken into custody later that same day. He is charged with impersonating a peace officer and second-degree wanton endangerment.

Hurley is being held in Louisville Metro Corrections.

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