LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Shively Police have arrested two people authorities say trafficked drugs.

Amjad Namrouti, 23, and Dewone Wilson Jr., 22, were arrested at a convenience store, located in the 2000 block of Rockford Lane, near Dixie Highway.

According to police, the business contains living quarters and Namrouti resides there. Police say both men were arrested after detectives searched Namrouti's home.

According to an arrest report, Namrouti had a holster and a gun on a counter near where he was standing when police entered the business. Drugs were also in plain view, according to investigators.

According to police, Namrouti had 9.1 grams of cocaine in an office located inside the business. Police say detectives found more than eight ounces of marijuana in the office.

Namrouti was also in possession of a stolen firearm, according to police.

Police say Wilson is an employee of the business. Authorities say a detective searched Wilson and found a loaded handgun, a baggie containing five pills, 7.28 grams of suspected crystal meth and a baggie containing 29.23 grams of marijuana.

According to officials, two cell phones were also found, which Wilson stated were his.

Wilson is charged with trafficking a controlled substance and buying or possessing drug paraphernalia.

Namrouti is charged with receiving stolen property, trafficking a controlled substance and trafficking marijuana. Metro Corrections officials say Namrouti has been released from custody.

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