ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) -- The search is still on for an inmate who escaped from the Hardin County Detention Center early Saturday morning.

Authorities say 46-year-old William Glover was working in the kitchen alongside approximately 10 inmates when he went into a back office. 

It was around 3:50 a.m. and Glover was allowed to have a cup of coffee. Officials thought he was going in the kitchen office for sugar. Instead, he swiped a contract employee’s car keys from a desk. 

"He was able to walk into the office and get the set of keys to this car," Hardin County Jailer Danny Allen said.

The contract employee's car was parked in the lot just outside the jail's kitchen. There was only one employee supervising the inmates at the time. 

Security video shows Glover looking through windows from the kitchen, keys in hand. 

"He had possession of the keys for almost an hour," Allen said. 

Shortly before 5 a.m., Glover saw his opportunity to escape. He realized he could likely flee through a door used for food deliveries. On the security video, other inmates can be seen bringing out meals to a car headed to another facility. The video shows Glover exiting the kitchen with another group. 

"He decided to hide in a little shed in a fenced-in area," Allen said. 

As soon as the coast was clear, the video shows Glover leaving the shed and walking over to the fence. He checks again to see if anyone is watching and then scales a razor wire fence. Seconds later, he's seen speeding away in the employee's gray Toyota Camry. 

"In just a matter of a few seconds he was gone," Allen said.

Allen says the employee realized Glover was missing in less than 10 minutes. The jail was locked down and searched. Glover turned up as the missing inmate.  

Allen says Glover was serving a 13-year sentence for several charges including receiving stolen property and drug possession. Glover had a parole hearing coming up and Allen says it's possible he could have been released.  

"He had basically 6 months left before he went back to the parole board," Allen said. “I don't know what he was thinking about." 

After the escape, Allen says he learned Glover broke out from behind bars once before in 1998. However, his staff didn't know about the previous escape. 

Allen blames a loophole regarding how the Department of Corrections clears state inmates for unsupervised work. Allen says the Department of Corrections does not put past escapes on inmate records if it was more than five years ago. 

If Allen did know about the jailbreak, he says Glover would not have been working in the kitchen. 

"If I know anyone has had a prior escape, we're not going to put them in area where they could possibly leave again," Allen said. 

Police say Glover is six-feet tall and weighs 170 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. Glover has short hair and a goatee, and was last seen wearing khaki pants with a dark colored, plaid long-sleeve shirt and white tennis shoes.

Glover is known to have connections to Taylor and LaRue Counties. Authorities believe he may have headed there. If you see the car, or Glover, do not approach. Authorities advise to call your local law enforcement immediately. 

If Glover is caught, he’s facing a second-degree escape charge and charges for stealing the car. If convicted, he could face an additional 15 years behind bars. 

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