CHICAGO (WDRB) -- A robber in Chicago is recovering from shooting himself in the penis, when he allegedly robbed a hot dog stand. 

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that 19-year-old Terrion Pouncy decided to hold up the Maxwell Street Express on 116th Street about 6 a.m. on Halloween morning. 

Workers at the restaurant say he threatened them, demanded their wallets and demanded money from the register, as he held the gun to the head of one man. That's when one employee tipped a bucket filled with grease. Pouncy reportedly bent over to pick up the money before struggling with an employee and trying to get away. 

Pouncy didn't get far. An arrest report says he was adjusting his .38-caliber pistol in his waistband, as he tried to run from the robbery.  That's when the gun fired leaving Pouncy with a shot to the groin. He staggered into the street and was found slumped on the front porch of a home across the street from the restaurant. 

Police say they were able to use surveillance video to confirm Pouncy robbed the restaurant.  Pouncy's blood-stained boxers matched the fabric pattern recorded, when the teen bent over to pick up money from the floor. 

Pouncy was arrested at the hospital and is charged with two counts of armed robbery.  He is being held without bond. 

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