When customers walk into Walmart at 175 Outer Loop, it’s hard to miss the big orange Walmart pickup tower.

It retrieves your online order in seconds.

Bernard Shell, like a lot of modern-day shoppers, likes to shop online and pick up his order in the store. He does it every time he shops, but Friday was different. He went straight to the pickup tower, scanned his phone, grabbed his order and immediately left.

“Our average wait time prior to installing the machine was eight-and-a-half minutes. and now we're down to ten seconds or less,” store manager Jason Clan said.

Shoppers can use the new pickup tower by ordering on the website or mobile app and add items to the online cart. A bar code is sent to the customer’s email and mobile app, and the code is scanned on the machine to retrieve the packages from the tower.

“Retail is changing and in this environment," Clan said. "Time is the new retail currency."

There are some size restrictions. Some larger or fragile packages or packages with liquid can't go inside the tower. Some of those items are kept in lockers next to the tower.

There are no fees to use the pickup technology, and customers don't have to have a smartphone. They can use the email conformation number. The Outer Loop store is the only store in the area with the technology, but it's coming to more stores soon.

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