MT. WASHINGTON, Ky. (WDRB) – Widening a portion of KY 44 in Mt. Washington has some people outraged, because the plan doesn't include a stoplight.

Turn lanes will be added to the state highway at Lloyd and Bogard Lanes, making the road four lanes in some places near Pleasant Grove Elementary School.

“I'm just concerned about these children on these buses,” said Bullitt County resident Judith Swift. “There are a lot of accidents here.”

“Right now, it's a two-lane road. And many times, you have traffic backed up behind waiting for a vehicle that's wanting to turn left,” KYTC spokesperson Andrea Clifford said.

The turn lanes will alleviate traffic jams, but some drivers worry it will become a dangerous intersection without a stoplight, a decision that results from federal guidelines through the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

“During the design process, when we did the signal analysis, it did not meet the warrants for signalization,” Clifford said.

That's based on several factors like traffic volume, turning movements and crash history that could have been corrected with a signal.

Clifford said the minimum number of correctable crashes to warrant a traffic signal is five within a 12-month period. She added that the intersection also has a high occurrence of rear-end crashes on KY 44, which typically are exacerbated by installation traffic signals. 

But some residents aren't sold and worry someone will have to be injured for a change to be made.

“Once this is complete, we will cross over a turning lane, a straight lane, another turning lane and get in a straight lane to get to Shepherdsville,” Swift said.

Although a light isn't in the works right now, it doesn't mean it will never happen.

“We’re going to revisit it once the construction is complete, and traffic patterns are back to normal,” Clifford said.

Construction is expected to be complete by June.

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