LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Daairra Hayden, 14, is facing life in prison for murder.

But a defense attorney is fighting to have the teenager's confession thrown out. 

Hayden and Jaiara Simpson, 19, are accused of killing 53-year-old Larry Pope in August of last year. Pope was found shot to death inside his car in an alley on South 44th Street near River Park Drive. Both have told police they shot Pope in self defense. 

The case is being presented before a judge because defense attorneys said Hayden's confession was given under duress.

Rob Eggert, who is representing the 14-year-old, said Hayden was sick and in danger of a going into diabetic coma, depressed and suicidal when she was being interviewed by LMPD.

WDRB News obtained video of Hayden's interview with a Metro Police Detective. She told detectives she was sick and needed medical treatment.

"She was a type one diabetic, and when she was questioned, she was afraid she was about to go into a coma," Eggert said. "And she asked to go to the hospital and asked for an ambulance." 

Dr. William Smock, an expert witness for the prosecution, said that despite being rushed to the hospital, there was no evidence of confusion when Hayden was being questioned by police.

But during Friday's suppression hearing, Eggert cross-examined Smock and demanded an explanation for his client's condition when she arrived at the emergency room.

Eggert: "They said not just tonight, but you got a history of depression. They said she needed to be on suicide watch and she has got a blood sugar in the 620s. Is that correct, doctor?"

Smock: "That is correct, sir."

Eggert: "You weren't treating her, were you?

Smock: "No sir, I was not."

Eggert also called his own medical expert to the stand on Friday, who testified that Hayden had a history of depression and had been diagnosed with diabetes at the age of six. The doctor also said Hayden was in no condition to be questioned by police. 

The suppression hearing will not be back in front of the judge again until December. 

After hearing from both sides, the judge will decide if Hayden's confession can be used in the case.

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