LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A University of Louisville study is looking at the impact of School Resource Officer in schools.   

And as that study takes a look at SROs' effectiveness, an officer in Louisville found himself in a difficult situation this week. Cellphone videos posted on social media Wednesday showed police responding to a fight at Jeffersontown High School. An SRO was the first officer to respond to the fight.

Two teens were arrested and one was tased, and the Jeffersontown Police Department also released a video showing a teen punching an officer.

Jeffersontown High School parent Lesley Davis said she supports Jeffersontown Police but was not happy with the amount of force used by responding officers.

“I’m not really sure that handling a child like that is the right way to go, especially when you have all of these other kids seeing what’s going on,” Davis said. 

Dr. Kristin Swartz, a U of L professor working on the new study, said SROs receive additional training compared with a typical officer. The study is looking at whether the presence of police in schools increases or decreases student involvement in the criminal justice system.

“What we’re interested in is understanding how School Resource Officers impacts not only school discipline but also the school climate, the culture, the mood,” Swartz said.

The study started in January of this year and will be finished in December of 2018.

The full results will be released in 2019.

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