LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Robots will battle it out Saturday at Central High School where more than 20 teams will compete. Central's robotics team is hosting the tournament for the second time. Last year the team made it to the global competition, and hope to make a repeat appearance this year.

Alex Rana has a kamikaze driving style when it comes to the robot he pilots for his Central High School team, one of the best in the state.

"In fact that happened last year. And it was the first time a Jefferson County team made it to the world championships," said Rana, a senior at Central.

It's quite the accomplishment for a team that started just three years ago. Twenty students make up Central's team, which goes by name "The Centrons." Using VEX robotics, they put lessons in science, engineering and math into practice.

"If you want to be an engineer or mechanical engineer, you're learning mechanisms there," said Rana.

Now they're gearing up for another year of competition by hosting their own action-packed tournament Saturday. More than 20 teams from the area will battle it out in the ring. 

"They're so talented. The creations they come up with are just amazing, so it's really something to see," said teacher Jim Gilbert.

One of the activities the robots take part in during the tournament is stacking smaller light cones on top of larger, heavier cones and then moving them to another zone to score points. It's easier said than done.

"It's the coming in here, trying something, seeing if it doesn't work, trying it again, seeing if that works," said Rana.

The Centrons have been designing, building and programming their robots since this summer spending hours every day perfecting the tiny components needed to make the robots move. Keeping students out of their state of the art workshop is actually difficult.

"I have to chase the kids out of here at night," Gilbert said.

When it comes to their big success in such a short amount of time, they say working as a team is key. 

"It's really just saying 'I have an idea,' and then bouncing it off other people. And then when they say 'I have an idea,' it's moving it back and forth until you've made something," said student Elijah Smith.

They use problem solving to make sure their robot is the best.

"Your chain broke in the middle of a match, your metal got bent because you didn't mortar it correctly or your program had a negative number and it destroyed all your controllers," said Rana.

The tournament runs throughout the day on Saturday Nov. 4 beginning at the high school. Anyone is welcome to attend. 

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