FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) -- An attorney for the man accused of assaulting U.S. Sen. Rand Paul says the attack was not politically motivated but was a regrettable dispute he said most people would regard as trivial.

Matthew Baker sent a statement to The Associated Press on behalf of his client, 59-year-old anesthesiologist Rene Boucher. Police have charged Boucher with misdemeanor assault after he admitted to tackling Paul from behind. A senior adviser said Paul is recovering from five broken ribs.

A senior adviser for Paul says he is still recovering from five broken ribs suffered during the assault. 

Doug Stafford said it is unclear when Paul will return to work since he is in considerable pain and has difficulty getting around. Stafford said Sunday that the broken ribs include three displaced fractures, which can lead to life-threatening injuries and cause severe pain that can continue for weeks or months.

Police arrested Boucher on Saturday and charged him with misdemeanor fourth-degree assault with a minor injury. 

Baker did not say what the dispute was about, but said the two men have been neighbors for 17 years and worked together when they were both practicing physicians.

Baker added that he hopes Paul is doing well and the two men can get back to being neighbors soon.


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