FRANKFORT, Ky. (WDRB) -- The woman who accused former Kentucky House Speaker Jeff Hoover of sexual harassment is resigning, even as House Republican leaders are launching a full investigation into the scandal.

At the Capitol, House Republicans say they are trying to pick up the pieces and move forward in the wake of the sexual harassment scandal that cost them their leader.

As crews worked to clean up the Capitol building on the outside on Monday, House majority leaders were promising to clean up the inside.

"We're going to do a full investigation on all involved, and whatever was going on," said House Majority Whip Kevin Bratcher.

Bratcher promised a thorough investigation to determine the full scope of the sexual harassment scandal that led to Hoover's resignation.

"We're going to investigate what happened and that we have a safe environment for all employees down here," Bratcher said.

Rep. Wesley Morgan of Richmond was the first House Republican to break ranks and call for Hoover's resignation.

"I commend them for what they're saying, but you can't investigate yourself," Morgan said.

Morgan believes an outside firm should conduct the investigation, and report to the entire House GOP caucus, and not just the leadership.

"There's no way that any investigation that is controlled by the leadership can have any credibility whatsoever in my opinion," Morgan said.

Morgan says he personally never saw the misconduct, but was approached by the female staffers who first reported the harassment.

"There had been measures taken to shut them up, and they had been demoted, stripped of their duties, put on paid leave," he said.

House leadership says the alleged attempted cover-up will be part of the investigation.

"We're going to find out -- uncover every table, rock, everything and find out what happened, why it happened, and make sure it doesn't happen anymore," Bratcher said.

Governor Matt Bevin called on everyone involved in the scandal to resign, but he has had no comment since Hoover stepped down.

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