UPS Airlines is using a "video game" worth more than $10 million to fuel its flight training program.

“It will be Louisville's most expensive video game, I'll tell you that,” said Roger Quinn, Director of Flight Training for UPS Airlines.

The company has seven flight simulators which cost more than $10 million each. It recently announced it’s adding three more to the fleet, including a 747-400, a 767 and an MD-11 simulator to train the hundreds of pilots it hires each year. In the last year, it brought more than 300 pilots on board.

“E-commerce is taking off,” Quinn said. “We're anticipating 750 million packages delivered over peak season, which is five percent over last year’s growth.”

UPS Airlines bought more than 14 new planes last year to help packages arrive even faster.

When pilots climb inside the flight simulator cockpit, they can see the whole runway ahead of them. They can feel the wind shear and even experience engine failure. Outside the cockpit, the simulator looks like a big box, which moves up and down. Some of the simulators use hydraulics.

“Your brain really feels like you're in the airplane,” Quinn said. “The visual display is 150 degrees, and it uses actually a synthetic vision like a Google Maps so it's truly realistic.”

A brand new 22,000-square-foot building is going up adjacent to UPS Airlines’ Global Operations Center, which will house the new flight simulators. Construction will start in January and will be finished by the middle of the year.

The three new simulators are scheduled to be up and running by the end of 2018.

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