LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- LMPD is stepping up patrols in the Highlands neighborhood where a man was shot to death during a robbery on Sunday. 

Jason Spencer, 30, was walking with his wife on Everett Avenue when he was killed. Police said Spencer exchanged gunfire with two suspects. A 15-year-old suspect was taken into custody. 

District 8 Metro Councilman Brandon Coan released a newsletter Tuesday night detailing the LMPD plan to increase police presence for the next two weeks near Cherokee Triangle.

As the extra patrols started, dozens of neighbors joined LMPD on Wednesday night for a peace walk through the area, where candles and flowers rest on the sidewalk where Spencer died.

"You just never think it would happen, and it did," said Kim Traylor, who lives in the neighborhood. "Everybody in the neighborhood was kind of in shock."

The plan detailed by LMPD's Fifth Division Commander Maj. Aubrey Gregory mirrors similar efforts by the department when homicides are recorded in various parts of the city, Coan said. 

Highlights of the LMPD plan include adding extra K-9 and horse patrols through Sunday, Nov. 12.  Plans call for extra walking and mobile patrols through Nov. 19 from Cherokee Parkway to Grinstead Drive and from Bardstown Road to Willow Avenue. Officers will be directed to make an effort to interact with residents. 

"When violence knocks on your doorstep, it opens your eyes," Gregory said. "There have been some fears, some anguish and some frustrations that have been expressed, rightfully so, and we're trying to respond to those the best we can."

But Coan pointed out that this type of violence is rare in the Highlands. So he has elected to use District 8 discretionary funding to pay for overtime beat patrols in Cherokee Triangle, Original Highlands and Tyler Park. Coan vows to continue his effort to get two to four additional officers dedicated to the Highlands at night.

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