ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) – Elizabethtown Police officers are searching for a man they said stole a woman’s purse while she was grieving at her late husband’s grave site.

Officer John Thomas said the woman was at the Elizabethtown Memorial Gardens Cemetery on Oct. 22. When she returned to her car, she noticed her purse was gone.

“She’s already grieving, and we talked to her daughter, and she said she’s very much still grieving over the loss of her husband," Thomas said. "And to be targeted by this individual while she’s in a very vulnerable state like that, it’s hard to describe just how low a crime this is. It’s reprehensible. There’s no other word for it.”

Thomas said the suspect used the woman’s debit card at three ATM machines to withdraw "a lot" of money from her account. Officers requested the surveillance pictures from the bank and released them on Thursday.

The man’s face is partly covered in the pictures. Officers believe he knew he might get caught on camera withdrawing money with a stolen card. The suspect was also driving a black Hyundai Sonata with stolen license plates out of Louisville, Thomas said.

“It’s very likely he’s probably removed that license plate by now,” he said. “...he was aware he was going to be captured by surveillance.”

The police department has a very clear message to the man in the surveillance pictures:

“If you have any sense of honor, any sense of shame or decency whatsoever, turn yourself in, and make this right,” Thomas said.

If you recognize the man in the security camera pictures, call Elizabethown Police at (270)-765-4125.

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