Last year, I said the planned tolls on the new Ohio River Bridges were too high, since even the very cheapest rate of one dollar per crossing would add up to an onerous $500 per year for regular interstate commuters.

But now, Indiana is making plans to turn the screws even tighter.

After boosting gas taxes by ten cents a gallon just last spring, the Indiana Department of Transportation is now investigating a plan to implement even MORE tolls – this time on its many interstate highways.

The proposed amount for cars – about four cents a mile -- doesn’t sound like much. But let’s do some math:

A person who lives in Louisville and commutes daily to, say, Seymour -- about 40 miles away -- would pay $3.20 per round trip every weekday. That’s about $800 a year. Don’t forget, that’s in ADDITION to the $500 in bridge tolls – PLUS, an average of nearly $600 in new taxes if the driver buys his gas in Indiana.

That’s $1,900 more than what it cost to get to and from work only a year ago.

At least we got something new in exchange for the bridge tolls. But I think Indiana should just stick with the gas tax increase for now, instead of trying to squeeze more from drivers for roads they’ve already paid for.

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I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.

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