LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- While Louisville City teammates and fans celebrated a historic win, live microphones caught some catty comments from ESPN's on-air announcers.

Kate Markgraf and Mike Watts were less than flattering in their comments following Louisville City FC winning the USL title at Slugger Field. 

Kate Markgraf: So I really can't say the field was shi* and that's why the game was crap? No, I can't say that? Not a pretty game. It wasn't. 

Mike Watts:  Yeah. I think you can say that. I wouldn't say it was the field. They've never seen each other before. The field is smaller.

Markgraf is an analyst for ESPN and was reportedly just signed to a new deal. Watts is a play-by-play announcer employed by the USL league. The production itself was handled by an outside company and not ESPN.

The commentators went on to say that Louisville City got to the championship game because they didn't face as tough of opponents.

Kate Markgraf: Can we say that? Can we say that? Why can't we say that? Because we're not doing our jobs. 

Mike Watts: They played in a far weaker conference. They had no business falling to them.

Watts posted a congratulations to Louisville City FC on Twitter, but fans quickly reminded him of what was said on that open mic. He responded saying that his comments were misinterpreted. Watts said he was talking about the opponent being in a weaker conference. 

Louisville City hasn't responded. Officials say they've been told a statement will be coming from the league.

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