SCOTT COUNTY, Ind. (WDRB) -- As drug addiction sweeps across southern Indiana, a new program aims to stop the epidemic from inside local jails.

The Indiana Office of Attorney General hosted a meeting Tuesday afternoon in Scottsburg to teach southern Indiana jail and court leaders about the Jail Chemical Addiction Program, or JCAP. The program started at the Dearborn County jail in 2007.

Inmates battling drug and alcohol addiction must first volunteer to be a part of the program. Then their applications must be reviewed and accepted. There are currently 16 spots for males and eight spots for females in the program, which lasts for a minimum of 90 days.

JCAP is focused on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, along with group and individual counseling. The program teaches inmates coping skills to help them break free from drugs and alcohol.

Dearborn has served 392 offenders since 2007 with the program. According to a jail report, it costs $13.84 per day to serve a JCAP offender. The report also states it costs an average of $55 per day to house an inmate with the Indiana Department of Corrections.

The Chief Deputy Attorney General, Aaron Negangard, told the group that on top of being economical, the program is showing strong results.

“The JCAP program, over a ten-year period, has had a 14 percent recidivism rate, compared to 30 or 40 or more for people without that kind of treatment,” Negangard said.

The Indiana Attorney General Office will host six more similar meetings across the state through February to teach counties about the program and encourage local leaders to create one of their own.

“There should be a jail treatment program similar to this one in every county across the state,” Negangard said.

The Indiana Attorney General Office is offering to help other counties with the information needed to start a program. Leaders will also help offer suggestions on where to find funding. Negangard said there will be state grant money available in 2018 for counties hoping to create a JCAP.

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