LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) --  Gov. Matt Bevin’s move last summer to reorganize several state education boards, including the Kentucky Board of Education, was a proper use of his executive authority, a Frankfort judge ruled Wednesday.

But in a partial victory for Attorney General Andy Beshear, the judge said Bevin overstepped his authority by creating an extra step in the appeals process for decisions by the Education Professional Standards Board, which oversees certifications for public school teachers.

“The Governor has delegated authority … to reorganize agency boards but not to create new administrative procedures,” Judge Thomas Wingate of Franklin Circuit Court wrote in the decision.

It’s the latest battle between Bevin, a Republican, and Beshear, a Democrat, over the limits of Bevin’s authority to remake the boards of state institutions without approval from the legislature.

In June, Bevin issued an executive order overhauling the education boards and creating a Charter Schools Advisory Council.

Beshear sued him, saying Bevin overstepped his authority.

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