LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Last month, the homeless camp on 12th Street near the Ohio River was bulldozed, leaving nearly two dozen people without their belongings or their home. 

And those who weren't there at the time came back to a rude awakening.

“They didn't even tell them," said James Marshall, who witnessed his friends’ home get destroyed. "They just said, 'You have an hour to leave,' and most people weren't even here."

Fed with Faith and other outreach groups helped replace tents and sleeping bags, but some items are irreplaceable. 

“They had come home from either trying to work or get food, and all of their stuff had been bulldozed,” said Wendy Manganaro, the Board President of Fed with Faith.

“They run over all their tents with all their clothes in it, the pictures of their family and everything,” Marshall said.

Displaced with nothing left, about 18 people were forced to find a new place to live ... literally anywhere they could.

“This man popped out of the dumpster, because it's the only safe place where nobody is going to look for them and it's out of the weather,” Manganaro said.

Fed with Faith serves about 250 homeless people a week. Volunteers have seen the city periodically clear camps in the past, and even though what's being done is legal, advocates said something needs to change, especially when it comes to policy.

“They're truly people, and I think it's very easy to dehumanize the homeless,” said Ken Hall, a Fed with Faith volunteer.

Because when it happened just a couple weeks ago, many only felt like outcasts in what's considered a compassionate city.

“I think anytime the homeless get moved out, we should have a social worker there," Manganaro said. "I think there needs to be a 30-day notice written.” 

“It’s like they didn't even care,” Marshall said.

Fed with Faith continues to look and serve for the homeless people who have been displaced. It will also serve a Thanksgiving meal Sunday. If you would like to volunteer with the organization, you can contact them on their Facebook page.

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