LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- University of Louisville interim athletics director Vince Tyra sat down with WDRB's Tom Lane to discuss his first seven weeks on the job since taking over for Tom Jurich. 

Tyra says he knew most of the coaches when he stepped through the door, and reached out to some of the coaches before he accepted the position. He says he has been highly engaged with all of the coaches, who he says have been very supportive.

As for his long-term plans, Tyra says he would certainly consider becoming athletics director on a permanent basis.

"My guess is that opportunity will come to have that discussion," Tyra said. "I've enjoyed it. It's different than what I've done in my life, and certainly a different magnitude, but it's kept me here in Louisville and I haven't been on planes, and that part I've enjoyed."

As for season ticket holders who have requested refunds, Tyra says ""They've got to heal too.

"I think our season ticket holders -- we have some that are passionate -- you're never going to change their mind about the way they feel about individuals, whether it be Rick, whether it be Tom or what have you. And I completely understand that. We get attached to different people, different celebrities along the way, and for them I think they're going to wait and see how this turns out.... You're hearing about a small fan base that have stepped away."

Tyra was able to update the status of basketball recruit Brian Bowen, who is awaiting the results of an internal investigation into his eligibility to play for the Cards. 

"My view is that we've got to let that play out but I think at that point to be decisive with respect to the department and with respect to Brian," Tyra said. "Everyone's told me -- and I haven't met with him personally -- but everybody tells me he's a terrific kid, but it's a difficult and unfortunate situation.

But I've got to make a decision that's best for the department first and the basketball program, but I'm certainly trying to be respectful of the timeline as it relates to Brian and his future."

Tyra says he hasn't reached a decision yet, but will do so quickly once he has all the information he needs. 

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