LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Kentucky and Indiana officials have delayed a plan to keep drivers with unpaid RiverLink toll bills from renewing their vehicle registrations.

The states had hoped to start the crackdown in October, using one of the strongest measures allowed to recoup delinquent tolls on three Ohio River bridges between Louisville and Clark County, Ind.

But that didn’t happen.

Since the states announced they would begin freezing registrations, RiverLink customer service representatives have been flooded with calls, said Mindy Peterson, spokeswoman for the cashless toll network.

The average number of daily calls to RiverLink’s Austin, Texas-based call center has increased to about 3,200, up from 1,300 before the plan was made public in early October, she said. Drivers’ registrations won’t be affected “as long as we have that sort of volume of folks reaching out,” she said Tuesday.

Legislatures in both states passed laws that forbid drivers with unpaid tolls from renewing their registrations until they pay their bills. Those facing the holds are people who have ignored four invoices and been warned by mail.

That includes roughly 16,000 drivers in Kentucky and 19,000 in Indiana, according to RiverLink estimates. Peterson said about 10,000 people have paid tolls and fees in full, but because of staggered invoice cycles the number continues to increase.

She said the states still plan to freeze registrations.

“I would anticipate in the near future, but I don’t have a hard date,” she said.

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