LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Haymarket Whiskey Bar in NuLu abruptly closed after a woman made sexual abuse allegation against the owner in a Facebook post.

The owner declined to be interviewed, but his attorney, Andrew Horne, said no one has made a formal complaint. 

"He's denying all of those allegations, and right now, he's considering what his options are," Horne said.

Haymarket has been a vibrant part of the Urban Bourbon Trail for years. It was tapped by the Esquire Channel as one of the "Best Bars in America" for a top-notch selection of whiskey and beer. 

As more women chimed in with allegations on the social media post, Haymarket employees took a stand.

"He did have a number of his employees say they didn't feel comfortable working there," Horne said. "Some outright quit."

In fact, the bar's manager, who didn't want to speak on camera, said that every employee quit. Backlash continued after the accuser's post hit an online Nazi publication.

But Horne questions the validity of the Facebook account itself.

"He does not recognize that name, and he does not recognize that person," Horne said. "It's not clear if this is the actual person's name on this Facebook page. Some people report to me that it's fake.

"He's changed the locks, he's put cameras around the bar, he's obviously alerted the police to what the issues are."

While the future of Haymarket may look uncertain, Horne said it's not. He admits though that the owner understands it could be an uphill battle.

"He's worked this thing for a number of years and is obviously concerned about the future," Horne said.

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