LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Louisville woman answered to a judge Monday after LMPD said she bit off another woman’s finger.

Heather Mohr, 32, is facing an assault charge for an incident Saturday morning. She pleaded not guilty in court Monday. 

Bethani Myers witnessed the incident and said the victim is her older sister. She said it all started with a fight outside of the CrossRoads Treatment Center on Cargo Court in Jeffersontown. According to an arrest report, witnesses told police Mohr was the aggressor in the situation. 

"There was so much going on, so much blood flying, and everybody's in the middle of it trying to break it up," Myers said. 

Police responded around 9:30 a.m. Saturday. Investigators never found the finger, but Myers said she saw what happened to it. 

"She chewed it up and swallowed it," Myers said. "It was all in her gums, you could see it. As she walked away, she wiped her mouth like it wasn't a big deal at all." 

Myers said her sister is recovering and is hoping to have surgery on her finger soon, but is baffled by what happened. 

"Who does that?" Myers said. "What goes through your mind when you do that? I don't understand it. That's the nastiest thing you could possibly do." 

Officials said Mohr left the scene but returned to give police a statement. In court, Judge Sean Delahanty said Mohr was convicted of assault in a separate incident, just last month.

Myers said she tried to warn the clinic that something like this could happen. 

"They did nothing. absolutely nothing," Myers said. "They didn't care about the safety of the victim, her family, me." 

WDRB could not reach the Crossroads clinic for comment Monday despite numerous attempts. The clinic's website says it provides medically assisted treatment like methadone to recovering addicts.

Joshua Loveless works nearby and says police are called to the clinic often, but they never expected something like this. 

"It's just kind of insane that someone would bite someone else's fingers off and it's kind of scary really," Loveless said. 

Despite the previous assault conviction, the judge agreed to place Mohr on home incarceration, rather than keep her in jail. Mohr is ordered to have no contact with the victim. A public defender also ask that Mohr receive methadone treatment, which was also granted.

Mohr is due back in court next month.

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