LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A family in the Highlands is on alert after their garage was broken into, and the thief took off with thousands of dollars in equipment.

Adam and Lindsey Bockey noticed the garage lock cut and the door broken into by what appears to be a crow bar. The Bockeys reviewed their surveillance footage from a camera they installed just a month prior at their Strand Avenue home, and it was clear they were not alone around 5:30 a.m. Friday.

“He was just fine walking around meandering, taking his good old time," Lindsey Bockey said. "Surprises me ... I thought he would be in and out real quick. He even left bolt cutters. I feel very violated and just creeped out.”

The man took his time and showed no sense of urgency. The entire burglary lasted 13 minutes, with the man making several trips in and out of the garage.

Some of the items stolen include a chain saw, power washer and a weed trimmer. The Bockeys said the man stole at least $3,000 in landscaping equipment and tools. 

“He was just fine walking around, meandering … taking his good old time," Lindsey Bockey said. "It surprises me. I thought he would be in and out real quick. He even left bolt cutters.”

At one point, the man even looked up toward the camera, which the Bockeys said glows red when it’s on at night. He also made no effort to conceal his identity even though his sweatshirt had a hood.

Six times, the man went in and out of the garage while the family and their large dogs slept 10 feet away.

“My stomach was in my throat,” Lindsey Bockey said after watching the surveillance video. “What would have stopped him from walking those ten feet up our deck and kicking in our back door?”

The Bockeys said they will now be adding a security system to their home.

“We just want everyone else to be aware of this, because of course it is the holiday season, we would hate for this to happen to someone else,” Lindsey Bockey said.

The case is under investigation.

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