LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Tuesday night's JCPS board meeting took place at Jeffersontown High School, where a fight that involved a school resource officer erupted earlier this month.

The SRO tried to break up a fight between two students in the cafeteria and ended up being attacked, according to police and school officials. Two Jeffersontown police officers were called for backup. One of the students involved said he was tased by a Jeffersontown police officer.

But on Tuesday, the board discussed if SROs are necessary in schools. Board member Chris Kolb argued that SROs do not make schools safer. He said they can escalate situations like the one at Jeffersontown High School and can lead to black students being arrested twice as much as white students.

Jeffersontown's SRO Steve Mattingly wouldn't comment on the incident, but he did talk about why he thinks SROs are imperative. 

"I'm almost more of a mentor, a counselor to a lot of these kids," Mattingly said. "And these kids became upset when they thought I was going to get removed from the school. They know that I'm not out to get them. They know that I'm here to help them.

"I had many kids reply to me that if you're not going to be at our school, I'm not going to be at our school. I think that's where we're making a big mistake: We're talking to all the adults involved. We're not talking to the kids."

The board did not take a vote on the issue Tuesday night. The incident at Jeffersontown High School is still under investigation by the district. 

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