LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- West Clark Community Schools Superintendent Chad Schenck confirmed Wednesday he is stepping down.

Several board members told WDRB it was a "mutual" and "voluntary" decision.

Schenck notified the school board of his resignation last week, which comes after voters defeated a $95 million referendum on school improvements earlier this month. The board then unanimously voted to move forward with splitting up the district, which would make Silver Creek its own school corporation.

The board still has to vote to appoint an interim superintendent. Board member Brian Hurst tells WDRB current assistant superintendent Dr. John Reed will fill the position.

Parent Chris Rountree publicly requested Schenck's resignation before the referendum vote.

"I do think it's what's best for the district," Rountree said.

Rountree was part of a pro-referendum PAC authorized to obtain the district's directory and emailed political messages out to 4,000 parents, which violated district policy.

"The referendum was so important to him, and some things happened that kind of spiraled out of control," said Rountree.

Public input meetings held before the vote were contentious.

"For such a young man, (Schenck) aged quite a bit through that process," said board member Doug Coffman. "He's the point man. He's the one who conducts the meetings, he's the one who answers he questions, and he's the one who takes the shots."

Coffman said the board will offer a temporary superintendent a short-term contract to lead the district through its so-called "divorce" process that could take a year.

Schenck has been the district superintendent since July of 2015. Before serving as the district superintendent, Schenck served as the assistant superintendent in charge of operations.

Schenck said the reason for leaving was to "pursue other opportunities." His last day will be on Dec. 31.

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