Sometimes, even when all the words are there and the message is crystal clear, people hear something else.

Or, they try to fill in the blanks -- you know, "What he really meant was…"  That happens all the time with Point of View, where people hear something that was never said.

Here's an example:  Tuesday night, WDRB did a story about people who are driving two cars to the Mega Cavern's "Lights Under Louisville," parking one car at the nearby vacant K-Mart parking lot, and then hopping in the other car to save a few bucks on admission. We highlighted the problem that the owner of the vacant parking lot is having cars towed away because he doesn't want them there.  

This was a customer beware story, but not of the Mega Cavern.  Beware not to park your car on private property - property that has nothing to do with the Mega Cavern except relative proximity.  

Some people interpreted that to mean that the Mega Cavern was having cars towed. They are not.

The Mega Cavern is one of the jewels of Louisville and this light show is spectacular. I'm going in a couple weeks, but I will not be parking in the Kmart parking lot because the owner of that lot, who is not associated with the Mega Cavern, is likely to tow my car.  

Sometimes clearing up what is already clear is exhausting!

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.