SCOTTSBURG, Ind. (WDRB) -- Brandon Watson was one of the first responders to a car fire on Marshfield Road in Scott County on Wednesday.

A car had veered off the road and down a hill before bursting into flames.

"The first thing I saw was like a smoke cloud," said Watson, a reserve deputy with the Scott County Sheriff's Department.

Watson soon realized that two people were still inside.

"The passenger door of the vehicle popped open, and the passenger exited the vehicle, fell out of the car, started to stumble up the hill," he said.

Watson's instincts told him there was at least one other person still inside the burning car.

"I got to the driver's door of the vehicle, popped it open, noticed that the driver was still sitting in the car in his seat belt," he said.

Watson pulled the driver out, but that's when he realized the smoke and flames were not his only problems.

"I started up the hill before I realized I couldn't go much farther," he said.

But by then, help was on the way. Tim Cline and James Toler, who both work for the city of Scottsburg, joined in the rescue.

"James came up and told me, 'Let's turn the truck around and go back and help,'" Cline said.

"There was so much fire close to the car that we just knew we had to get down there and help him," Toler said. "There's no way we could sit there and watch anything like that happen."

After getting the driver and passenger to safety, the men realized it was a close call.

"We didn't realize how tough it was until we started coming up the hill, and then we realize this is dead weight," Toler said. "The car was starting to explode. The tires exploded. The flames were getting pretty intense."

Both people inside the car were taken to the hospital by ambulance. Watson, Toler and Cline hope to eventually reconnect with the victims or at least get an update on their conditions.

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